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The Westland Wyvern was a troubled British strike fighter aircraft that has been largely least in our world. At the far corners of the cosmos, in a world of light and beauty hitherto unknown to humans, it is a legend!

It's 1956, and a flight of Royal Navy aviators, among them Canadian exchange officer Sidney Daventry, has just survived a harrowing encounter with the enemy, but something even more terrifying awaits: a swirling vortex, a wormhole into an alien world. When they arrive, they find they're not the only Earthlings marooned there, for two American scientists from 2026, Lucretia Tang and her brother Jeremiah, have also gotten caught up in the storm.

Though desperate to get back to the world they know, Lucretia and Sidney learn of a grave threat to the Racosku, the alien planet's native species. Desperate to help the brilliant and friendly creatures, they must convince the others to risk the very machines they need to get home.

Generations will collide, personalities will clash, and the Westland Wyvern will become a mount for heroes!


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