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Cult of the Wyvern
  • The Westland Wyvern was a troubled British strike fighter aircraft that led a brief service career, and has been largely forgotten…in our world, anyway. At the far corner of the universe, in a magical realm hitherto unknown, it is a legend!


    After a harrowing encounter with the enemy over the Mediterranean Sea in 1956, a flight of Royal Navy pilots, including Canadian exchange officer Sidney Daventry, quickly find themselves in even greater peril: a swirling vortex, a wormhole, a portal to an alien world awash in light and beauty. But they’re not the only humans stranded in this strange new world.


    Lucretia Tang was once a respected biochemist, but a slanderous hit piece has ruined her career and her marriage. Together with her marine biologist brother, Jeremiah, she has taken to doing freelance research, which leads to her and her brother getting trapped in the same kind of wormhole, deposited in the same alien world, where they cross paths with the troupe of hapless aviators.


    While plotting their escape back to the world they know, Lucretia and Sid learn of a grave threat to the Racosku, the brilliant and friendly native species. Desperate to help the creatures, they devise a plan to use the Tangs’ scientific knowledge and Sid’s flying skills to eliminate the danger. But they must convince the others, especially by-the-book commanding officer Gene Faintary, to risk the very machines they need to get back home. In doing so, Sid must choose between following the orders of his commander and those of his heart.


    In this whimsical yet emotional adventure, generations collide, personalities clash, and the Westland Wyvern may just become a mount for heroes.

    Cult of the Wyvern

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    • Genre: science fiction

      Length: 260 pages

      ISBN (paperback): 979-8-9870352-3-8

      ISBN (hardcover): 979-8-9870352-4-5

      Print Size: 5.5" x 8.5"

      This text contains some adult language and may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18.

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