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2023 - science fiction/space opera

After a harrowing encounter with the enemy, a group of Royal Navy pilots, including Canadian exchange officer Sidney Daventry, find themselves sucked through a wormhole into a strange, beautiful new world, far from their homes and families. While there, they encounter two American scientists, Lucretia and Jeremiah Tang, who have also been swept away and marooned on the alien world.


But before they can all get home, they learn of a grave threat to the Racosku, the brilliant and friendly indigenous species. Will Sidney and Lucretia be able to convince their companions, especially by-the-book commander Gene Faintary, to risk their aircraft and resources to save the desperate creatures, potentially getting stranded on the alien planet forever?



2023 - fantasy

Mine is the blood of the owl.

Famine has swept across the island of Dearviél. The threat of war looms on the horizon. The Vacids, the people of the owl-totem, wilt under the dominion of a foreign king. Their greatest hope lies with two sisters.


In this tale of epic adventure and personal struggle, Caileigh and Leara Mana find themselves needing all the skill they possess, both in the material world and beyond it, to save their people, whether from scheming landlords, ruthless bandits and king's men, or the gods themselves. Their strength of spirit will be tested, as will the bonds of family. But help comes from the most unlikely places, including an aging warrior seeking to expunge the demons of his past.

Aethyr - a1.jpg


2020 - science fiction/cyberpunk

If you copy your mind, your memories, your sins...are they still yours?


One day in Pittsburgh, Paddy Riordan died...his body did, anyway. His digitalized mind wakes up in a world where nothing is what it seems, his memory fractured. When a stranger calling himself the Varyag appears with a dire warning, Paddy must quickly piece together his broken past to save his mind and the woman he still loves, all while eluding masked assassins, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and the sinister sorceress Rusalka.

But he'll find no enemy so cruel as the shadow of the past. What he discovers hidden in those memories might condemn him to a fate even worse than death.

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