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2021 - science fiction/technothriller

Where does technology end and humanity begin?


Marine Corps veteran Brick Borden thinks he's landed the job of a lifetime: just drive a van and bring home a fortune. He should've listened to his mother when she said that, if something sounds too good to be true, it is. Brick soon discovers that he's gotten caught up in a scheme to deliver highly advanced artificial intelligence known as Pets to the ultra-rich. But these are no mere robots. They think, feel, love, and hurt just like humans do.

To right the wrongs he's enabled and set the Pets free, he'll need help. For this, he turns to the reclusive, cybernetically augmented Kat Rowan. Together, they'll have to elude airstrikes and assassins. But for Kat, the greatest danger comes from much too close to home.

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2020 - science fiction/cyberpunk

If you copy your mind, your memories, your sins... are they still yours?


One day in Pittsburgh, Paddy Riordan died...his body did, anyway. His digitalized mind wakes up in a world where nothing is what it seems, his memory fractured. When a stranger calling himself the Varyag appears with a dire warning, Paddy must quickly piece together his broken past to save his mind and the woman he still loves, all while eluding masked assassins, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and the sinister sorceress Rusalka.

But he'll find no enemy so cruel as the shadow of the past. What he discovers hidden in those memories might condemn him to a fate even worse than death.

Author Bio


Sean E. Kelly wrote his first fiction story in 2009 and self-published his first novel six years later.  He currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and finds writing about himself in the third-person terribly awkward.