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Aviation Blog!

Sean E. Kelly

May 20, 2023

Come join the Cult of the Wyvern!

As you may have gleaned from reading my fiction, I'm a massive aviation nerd. So, after some deliberation, I've decided to start a blog where I review air shows, offer up aircraft-related opinions, and maybe even indulge in some good-natured shitposting now and again.

Come on over and join the fun at CULT OF THE WYVERN!

If you're concerned that this venture will distract me from creative writing...don't. Writing fiction requires an entirely different mindset. And, whilst I refuse to make any promises about what my next novel (or any future novels I write) will be, being the inexorably superstitious Irish-blooded specimen that I am, this might have something to do with a future creative writing project of mine.

But, like I promises.

As for the new site's title, it's a play on a running joke on #avgeek social media. The Westland Wyvern is a relatively obscure British strike fighter (originally meant to drop torpedoes) of the 1950s, much maligned for its short service life and relatively high accident rate. It's become something of a cult favorite with aviation enthusiasts nonetheless, much like The Room and Moxie.

Hopefully, my blog will be just as much of a hit with the avgeeks of the world... :)

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